Machine Learning REPA Week 2021

Conference on Machine Learning Engineering, MLOps and Management topics
Our goal is

to gather best practices and solutions for Machine Learning engineering and process automation, learn best Open Source tools, and share team collaboration and product management insights from around the various industries and applications.

Main topics
Track 1: Machine Learning project and teamwork organization
  • How to organize you project and code?
  • How to enforce your team collaboration?
  • How to manage a project growth?
Track 2: ML pipelines automation. Code and Data version control. Reproducibility
  • How to build and automate pipelines?
  • Version control for your code, data and pipelines
  • Tools and practices in machine learning applications
  • Reproducibility of machine learning pipelines
Track 3: ML experiments management and metrics tracking. Model Lifecycle Management
  • How to manage ML experiments and metrics tracking?
  • What tools to use?
  • Model Lifecycle and Development process
Track 4: CI/CD and MLOps in ML. Testing in ML
  • How to build a production ready solution with a model/pipeline you've developed?
  • What is MLOps and how to make it work
  • Build CI/CD for Machine Learning
Track 5: Testing and Monitoring in Machine Learning
  • Testing in Machine Learning
  • Deploying your solution is not the end of the story!
  • How to monitor your model works appropriate?
  • Tools and integrations for monitoring deployed model
We are looking forward to open registration soon. Please, be patient!
Call for Speakers
We are inviting a speaker/s to give talks/tutorials
for Machine Learning REPA Week 2021 Online.

We are looking for speakers who are striving for implementing and sharing good engineering and management practices in machine learning projects and experiments.
Please, contact as to propose a talk and practical tutorials.
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